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soil. >> both pilot survived in this comes as international leaders sent mixed messages about of a cease-fire. it will continue until muammar qaddafi stocks hisstops his attacks. loyalists have taken over another city. >> let's focus in on that american f-15 jet. it was carrying out a strike against air defenses. the plane was destroyed but the crew was able to escape alive. this is what remains of the american f-15 that crash landed. the two-man crew ejected. u.s. officials say they are fine. >> one crew member was recovered by coalition forces and the other crew member was recovered by the people of libya. >> the landed in eastern libya
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an area in control of rebel forces. the plane went down because of mechanical problems, it was not shot down. even though coalition forces have all but destroyed libyan [unintelligible] >> democracy can be imposed from the outside. it must -- cannot be imposed from the outside. it must spring from within. >> the libyan government claims forces are doing more harm to the libyan people than good. >> many civilians were killed last night so what is happening is the british government is killing more civilians to protect civilians. >> how does robert gates feel about that? >> it is almost as though some people here are taking at face the liu gaddafi's claims which
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are outright lies. >> a short time ago gaddafi told a crowd of reporters his resilience and not afraid of the coalition bombs. >> a former lulu lemon employee is talking to us about the bethesda murder that has rocked the upscale community. the employees as the suspect brittany norwood trained her. she said norwood was transferred from the chain's stores town store to bethesda after she was suspected of stealing. the victim found her with stolen merchandise before the killing. >> when people do not have to pay the consequences for their actions, they feel entitled and they continue to think that they can get away with it.
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>> the employee says it is policy to have employees check each other's backs before leaving for the night and she questioned why there were no security cameras at the bethesda store. norwood is charged with first- degree murder . >> police are trying to determine if there is a link between two recent homicides. the first on friday and the other on west high street. the victim was wounded while workingwalking home from work. there was no argument or robbery. police say an 81-year-old man was found shot to death in his home. neighbors say they have no idea why he would be targeted. detectives are investigating a possible connection. >> it is hard to believe two murders that close together are not somehow related. it is unheard of in this community. >> police say they have no motives or suspects. they do have security camera and
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video of an older model based toyota camry with maryland plates living one of the scenes of the crime. crime solvers is offering a $1,000 reward for information. >> we know what caused an escalator to collapse at a popular metro station last month. our news partners report an object got lodged in the escalator at the foggy bottom station. the malfunction left a hole in the steps and no one was seriously hurt. metro said that isstyle is unique and it is not used throughout the system. >> power lines at the japanese plan are hooked up and it allows the reactors to be cool. more than 13,000 people are missing. experts predict people are being
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exposed to 1600 times the normal amount of radiation. >> it has been 11 days since the biggest earthquake in japan's history struck and thousands are homeless and wondering if they will ever be able to return to their villages. >> scientists have been called to remap the disaster zone. >> on the campus of george mason university two professors have been chosen to gather and analyze data and information. their work shows coastal towns swallowed up by the tsunami and how that will shape the nation and how they will recover. >> they are the before and after pictures of catastrophe. a professor is using a high- resolution images to create the image of the coastline prior to the earthquake and tsunami and after.
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>> this is no longer existing in the bottom image. >> they have been working around the clock since getting the call from the japanese government to help them in determining what was lost in the disasters. >> it is possible to determine what are the regions that require most immediate attention. >> what was once earth is no ocean. >> the this is completely disappeared. >> what land where myremains is ruined by the salt water. >> in the future, we cannot grow any crops. >> the experts will use this analysis to create maps and it will be a guide for rebuilding in a place that needs more help than can be imagined. >> i did not see anything. it takes a long time to restore. >> george mason is one of two
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universities requested to do this analysis. it is anticipated because of the mass of scope of this disaster, this work is just beginning. back to you. >> >> new efforts to hold elector companies to a higher standard. >> how a major network is chronicling the career of vice president dick cheney. >> d.c. cabbies say high gas prices could be putting them out of business. >> could old man winter have something up his sleeve?
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[music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bote,e, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you.
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barbara mikulski is calling for tougher reliability standards for power companies operating in her state. she says frequent outages for pepco customers are serious safety issue. she is asking regulators to address reliability concerns during their audit in april. college students gathered in washington d.c. 25 budget cuts today.
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-- to fight budget cuts today. several dozen students were outside the capital protesting proposed state and federal budget cuts for higher education. reports show 43 states have made cuts to higher education since december 2007. former vice president dick cheney will be the subject of an hbo miniseries. it is based on the frontline documentary about cheney and traces his career in washington. it will be erewritten by rick cleaveland. no word on when the show will air. wire next cab ride might be more expensive. some colder temperatures could be moving in. the forecast is for an exciting night at the comcast center. it will be a knock down drag out
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affair in philly. tonight at the wells fargo center.
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\ the average price of gas is up to $3.73. >> many taxicab drivers are considering a gas tax. >> cabdrivers are frustrated and say they cannot afford to keep working with gas prices going up. >> i am tired of it. >> after 35 years behind the wheel, he's looking for new job. >> it is up almost double. >> cab drivers lined up at this gas station where regular gas cost $4.15 a gallon. that is above the national average of $3.54. look at prices on the same date last month and last year. we're paying 74 cents more per
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gallon and that is hurting cabdrivers. >> it is -- what we charge remains the same. if it comes to more, it will not be affordable. >> you will not be able to keep driving. >> yes. >> intensifying turmoil in the middle east and an the earthquake in japan to contribute. cabdrivers what passengers to pay. >> that would help us a little bit on the gas. we have not gotten a raise in almost three years. >> cabbies started collecting a gas surcharge. 50 cents a trip. >> this is a little bit of help. if it were more than this it would have been better. >> by summertime, likely all of us will be paying more. analyst said it will be no
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relief from high gas prices as long as the unrest continues in libya. it looks pretty warm out there. >> in the 60's. more clouds and some showers. but the trend will be cooler and it will be colder by the weekend. the low to mid-40's. it is spring after all. there is a look from the rooftop camera. clouds will move in from the west and some sprinkles then showers late night and overnight. 59 at this hour in arlington. on high of 62. 56 in waldorf. 60 degrees -- 65 for the high. we have the official numbers from reagan international. 62 and 51 the high and low and the average is -- it can get
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hot. in early spring, it can go the other way. it will be chilly by the weekend. it is cold, still winter across new england. in chicago, 38. 79 in raleigh. 89 in asheville. along that front some snow across michigan. we will see some sprinkles and showers and a break in the pattern before the cold front following the system moves through in the afternoon and evening and gives us showers and thunderstorms. here is the timing. there is the front and showers. kind of cloudy and skies will brighten up but in the afternoon and evening storms behind the front and colder wind by thursday.
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a few flurries north of the metro area and maybe a few inches, snow towards philadelphia and clear and breezy thursday and friday and colder air for the weekend. another storm give gives us the cold rain. it is kind of cloudy and some showers and storms late in the afternoon and evening. watch the temperatures tumble. only into the mid-40's and colder than that over the city into the weekend. no signs of any big-time warmups' anytime soon. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving a forward. >> this is important. he will not be there this weekend. there are nine games. this is the stretch run to the playoffs and there is a monster
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game between the caps and flyers. the caps have been hot and have won 10 of 11 games. the flyers are 2 points ahead of the caps. there is a lot of stateat stake tonight. >> there is a big game as high as the points go. there are some key players but here we are. we're all battling. we are priming the game and getting ready for bigger and better things so it is a good measuring stick. >> the women's basketball tournament continues tonight. georgetown plays maryland. both clubs advance through the first round and now with a player rematch in november. maryland is a different player and surely she will get a lot of
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attention tonight. >> we do not focus on one player even playing uconn. >> she do there's kudos for her, -- deserves kudos for her accomplishments. we are a team. >> tony mitchell led with 23 points and got everyone's attention. alabama wins 74-67. the owners have voted to move the kickoff to the 35 yard line. the players feel this will change the game of football. there will be more touchbacks with a strong leg. return guys are upset that -- but there will be a lot of strategy. they can take guys completely
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out of the game. >> i cannot believe we are talking about it. the most exciting play in football. you would think we would want to keep that in to eliminate that. it is tearing up the fiber a little bit. >> nine days down to opening day in washington and the nets beat the astros. the nets are 12-12 for the spring. the orioles beat the yankees. new york is nine and 14 for the spring. they are still the yankees and they are stumbling. the wizards are in portland trying to get their second road win of the year. march 22 and they are trying to get their second win of the year. it is tonight in portland. >> why do they want to move the kickoff to the 35 yard line? >> they are trying to think of
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the safety of the game and the fewer runbacks and all those huge collisions, they can eliminate it but that will not happen. they will still have collisions. a recent poll finds americans are divided when it comes to the libyan crisis. we have that in tonight's political polls. >> half of individuals said they agreed with the way president obama has managed the u.s. role in libya while some members of congress say that the u.s. acted slowly. others criticize the president for approving
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congratulations to our news and weather partners. they had a great february. they had the most listeners. a tip of the hat to them. >> we will second the motion by giving you a tip of the hat because you are part of wtob. >> showers and maybe a break of sun. a chilly rain over the weekend. it might be cold, 45 and 47. no sign of warm air returning anytime soon. >> "abc world news" ne
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